We launched Slowby in March 2022. Here we'll keep you updated on all the steps we're steps we're taking and the impact we're making.

Hello πŸ‘‹

Welcome to the wiki of Slowby! Here you can read more about our plans, roadmap and intended impact. Let's get started with an overview of our goal, current stage and how to get in touch.


As explained on our Say hi to Slowby page, our goal with Slowby to make it step by step easier to plan a slow travel so that more people can be close to nature and discover new places.

Current Stage

We launched Slowby at the beginning of March. We're starting off with Secret Slow Travel Trips to make it easy and exciting for beginners to get started with slow travel. Don’t forget to sign up on slowby.travel to stay updated!

Get in touch

If there's something you want to share or discuss with us, please drop us a message at hello@slowby.travel!

🚧 This wiki will always be under construction β€” if something is missing or wrong, please contact us at hello@slowby.travel; and we'll make sure to add or fix it. 🚧

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